I am a worried mom.

We all worry, don’t we? From the minute the little guy pops into the world, a version of worry – apprehension, uncertainty, disquiet- is almost a constant companion.  Will I be a good enough mother?  How do I know why he is crying?  Why is it so quiet in the house right now?

Whether or not it is “appropriate” to worry, it still happens.  That is why I am writing now.

baby james

My youngest son moved to Portland for theater. (sounded safe enough.)   He got parts in some plays.  As things progressed, he landed parts as an extra for some tv shows-Grimm, Portlandia and The Librarian.  I would get weekly calls, with stories about his adventures. (How puffed up the main actors are, the fun he had with other extras, which shows fed the extras the best food)

Then he fell in with a group called the reformers.  My son works on all parts of a play, including sets, and he started with this group working on the haunted house. Recently he has been distant, cancelling visits and just not calling as often.  His phone calls are full of news about other people and what they are doing, but very little about himself.

He moved in with them and quit his day job. He almost didn’t join the family Christmas, but after I left a tearful message on his voicemail, I got a call from someone named Rod who said he could come if Rod accompanied him. So he shows up for Christmas with Rod, both in white button downs with this black ties. (now, there are other groups that dress this way; I am not casting aspersions, but read on)  The boys called each other “brother”, as some religious sects do. They referred to other reformers as brother Richard or sister Charmian. (I am not sure of the spelling of that name) My son had to get permission from Rod to do almost everything, even to hug family. It was subtle, but you could tell. At one point they got up from the meal when Rod said it was time to “do a cycle”? They went into the backyard and yelled and cursed at each other for fifteen minutes, then came back in.

Reformers names I have caught are Richard, Sean, Charmian, Rod, Chris and Caitlin. I can get you other names later, as I am writing down everything I hear during the phone calls.

I think this group is a cult and I’m worried that this LER show they’re doing is something else. Something satanic? Sexual? We live in a remote location, and Portland is a long way away.  I hope someone can look into it and let me know.

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