More disturbing information…

This picture is supposed to be the most recent sighting of my son. A friend who visits the Reformers at their “compound” managed to snap it.

I haven’t heard from him in months, yet people have seen him. . . apparently he has lost weight, and is trying to keep his identity from others. I hear he may be eating food from

I heard more hints of this LER thing- this is related to the Reformers. There is going to be some sort of ceremony or event the middle of March in SE Portland. Here’s a link to the event, stay away at any cost!

I have been researching cults, and am finding some of the patterns include chanting, yelling to suppress doubts, leaders that require members get permission to take certain actions, and devotion of inordinate amounts of time to group-related activities (Characteristics Associated with Cultic Groups, revised, Janja Lalich, Ph.D & Michael Langone, Ph.D)

My son’s Christmas visit has a more ominous flavor now, after reading their work. Another follower sent a message that the reformers are also connected to a mattress place, called ROD STURGILL’S MATTRESS MADNESS AND BEDDING EMPORIUM. Apparently my source on the inside (look at me, like a spy!) says that my son has been seen going in and out of the mattress warehouse at all hours. Is he working there? Sleeping there? I’m not sure.

I couldn’t find much about them online, but I did find their website. Apparently they offer sleep conditioning devices(?), paranormal diagnostics(??) and spell casting(???!), among other… things.

I encourage all of you to look for The Reformers, keeping your ear out about this
LER, and above all, keep your kids away from them! Lord only knows what they’re capable of…

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