Two shows left. I’m going in… (and a disturbing message)

I’ve tried to warn others. I’ve put up posters around the Shoe box theater, where they’re putting on their “Play”. I hope others will listen and keep their own children – and themselves – safe! But time is short, and I got a disturbing message.20190314_182358

But I can’t give up. I’m going tomorrow, a matinee (more my timeslot anyway). Maybe I can drag him away during the curtain call, or, I don’t know, throw flowers at the others and pull my boy away by his ear. Whatever works. I’ll just have to wing it.

Why am I acting now? Well, I think the end of the show is going to… I think they’re going to do something. ALSO I received this disturbing message via the contact link on the blog:

Name: Ronnie
Comment: I know where your son is. I know where all the sons are. I’m a collector, you see. I keep them safe. I keep them. We’re all safe here. I know the Reformers. They are not real. I know them well. I know their sons, all sons. Smooth as apple skin, pale as tears.

I just can’t wait any longer. I need my boy to be safe.

Hopefully I’ll give you good news soon.

Hopefully this won’t be my last post.

Pray for me!

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